Medicaid expansion picks up bipartisan support in the Texas House, but hurdles remain

May 6, 2021

Expanding the Medicaid rolls to include more than a million Texans could get a floor vote during House budget hearings on Thursday.

When a neighbor’s dog nipped her hand near the fingernail last winter, Trish W. put off going to the doctor because it didn’t seem worth the dent it would put in her already tight budget.

Medicaid expansion in Texas

“We exist, and we matter”

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“I’ve got to ask my colleagues, ‘How much are you willing to reject, in order to not provide health care to people for free? In order to not have people healthy enough to go to work?” Nathan Johnson said. “There’s a narrative that says, ‘We created the Medicaid program to help the truly vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled, the children. We’ve taken care of everything. Everybody else, you’re on your own.’ And that just refuses to look at reality.”