Overhaul of ERCOT board could replace experts with political appointees

May 6, 2021

By Mitchell Ferman, The Texas Tribune

State lawmakers are now trying to change the way ERCOT is governed by requiring members to live in Texas and giving more board seats to political appointees — changes that experts say may do little to improve the power grid.

SNJ mention:

On Monday, the Senate Jurisprudence Committee took up — but did not vote on — HB 10, the lower chamber’s high-priority legislation to change ERCOT’s governance. State Sen. Nathan Johnson, D-Dallas, raised concerns about the bill.

“We represent to the public that ERCOT is an independent agency, and yet under the various options we have before us between the two chambers, we’re appointing members politically,” Johnson said. “Doesn’t that undermine the notion of independence of ERCOT?”