The extraordinary Texas economy benefits from the state’s defining entrepreneurial spirit, deep capital, vast natural resources, technological expertise, and above all, a diverse population that brings diverse skills and talents and a can-do attitude. With all these advantages operating in a productive tax and regulatory environment, it is indeed no wonder that we have one of the most productive economies in the world!

We’ve worked so hard, so cooperatively, to build our environment of business success. Will it last? Will we all benefit from it? As a member of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce, I see where interests complement, compete, and clash; I am tasked with ensuring that sound, thoughtful policy serves the aims of economic growth and expanded opportunity, and that short-sighted, backwards-looking policies do not get in the way.

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We recommend in the race for Texas Senate District 16

We recommend in the race for Texas Senate District 16

State Sen. Nathan Johnson is an independent thinker. He doesn’t parrot the party line, and he answers questions with data-driven specificity, which is why he has been a successful legislator and one that voters should return to Austin this fall.

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