Respect for people.

Respect for policy.





Elected with strong bipartisan support, Senator Nathan Johnson represents almost a million Dallas County residents in the growing and rapidly diversifying Senate District 16. As a member of the Texas Senate, he is a leading voice in healthcare, the electrical grid, governmental transparency, and criminal justice.

Leading on Public Health

Sound public health policy promotes individual well being and social equity while it drives our state economy forward.

Ensuring Growth and Opportunity

Our extraordinary Texas economy runs on entrepreneurial spirit, technological expertise, vast natural resources, and the ability of everyone to contribute.

Investing in Texas Youth

Our job is not merely to give every kid a chance to succeed. It is to set them on a path from which they will succeed.

Powering the Future, Improving the Environment

We can power homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and affordable energy, while protecting and repairing our environment.

We recommend in the race for Texas Senate District 16

We recommend in the race for Texas Senate District 16

State Sen. Nathan Johnson is an independent thinker. He doesn’t parrot the party line, and he answers questions with data-driven specificity, which is why he has been a successful legislator and one that voters should return to Austin this fall.

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